Locking Down Port Forwards

Port Forwards are common configurations to allow for specified traffic by port to reach a defined internal server for request responses, and to retrieve information or data. However, port forwards are a security risk, in that it opens a "hole" in your firewall, allowing for any traffic specified for the port forward rule to be allowed to reach that internal server. Usually, this is left open for web servers that host public content. However, there are various servers that only need to be access by specific networks, such as a remote location, or a known vendor that needs to reach some company information. In order to lock down port forward rules to stop possible malicious connectivity (Config > Network > Port Forward Rules > Add > Switch to Advanced), we can add conditions such as Source Address to define one or a few remote networks that the port forward rule will allow. The Source Address condition will only allow those network addresses to utilize the created port forward rule. 


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