How to create test traffic for Support


NGFW is a complex piece of software, which means there are a lot of things that might be acting on a particular connection. For that reason, it's really helpful for Support agents to be able to see what you're experiencing. Follow these three steps to generate test traffic to save both yourself and the Support agent some time & effort.

First, try your connection however you normally would. If it's a web page you're trying to connect to, open your browser and head to that site. Next, take a screenshot of your whole screen. Be sure to include as much of the address bar as possible, as well as the system clock if you can.

In the screenshot above, you'll see the complete address bar outlined in green, the error message outlined in red, and the system time outlined in purple. It's okay if you can't get your system time; you can also just tell us at what time you made your attempt.

Next, get the IP address of the computer/device you're testing from. On a Windows computer, open a command prompt and type ipconfig.
(The address you're looking for is the IPv4 Address.)

Finally, send us your screenshot, the IP address of the device you're testing from, and the time of your attempt. (Seconds aren't important to the time, but minutes are.)

If you'd like to save yourself some time in the future, we recommend using this information to dig into your own Reports. For more details on doing that, please refer to this article: How To Troubleshoot Using Reports

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