Repairing broken hard drive partitions


If you are installing NG Firewall and experiencing partition-related errors, you can try this process to resolve them.

Please be aware that this process uses third-party software, which Support cannot assist you with outside of the steps outlined in this article.

Tools needed

Create a Live USB of GParted: this is partition management software that will allow us to delete the old partitions. Gparted Live USB setup instructions can be found here: 

Repairing your partitions

1. After creating your live USB, plug it into your NG Firewall hardware and boot from the USB device.

2. Select GParted Live (Default settings) from the menu:


3. Select "Don't Touch keymap".

4. Pick your preferred language.

5. Press Enter again after selecting language to start GParted.

6. Once in GParted, delete ALL partitions in the list:


7. Once complete, your partition screen should look like the below. Click the green check mark to apply your changes and click Apply on the popup.


8. You should see completed operations. Close the window and shut down the appliance. You should now be able to complete your installation without issues.

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