Using ETM Dashboard's Tools Lookup


ETM Dashboard's Tools lookup utility provides the admin with a simple way to acquire detailed information about a particular IP address, URL, MAC address, or MD5 file hash.

This tool is useful for researching a particular connection you're not familiar with. For example, you may find an unknown IP in Reports referring to blocked traffic and wish to see where it's coming from. It also provides a way to gain more information about a URL without actually visiting or loading the site: this is useful if you believe it may be malicious.

Performing Lookups

To access this feature in ETM Dashboard, click Tools in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Enter your search term in the bar and click 'Search' to perform the lookup.

When looking up a public IP address, the results will include geoip information when available. If you're looking up a website, the information will also include WHOIS results & registrar information for that website.


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