Adding Additional Columns in NG Firewall Reports


While each Report has a default set of columns, you may need to add additional ones to see more detail. Anything you can see in the Details pane of a given Report can be added as a column to the main body of that Report.


Adding Columns

Hover your mouse pointer over any column header ("Client", "Server", &c.) and a carat icon will appear at the right-hand side. Click on that icon to open the "filter Report" menu, then hover over the Columns item to display a list of all available columns for the Report you're viewing. You can add or remove multiple columns at a time.



Useful Columns

While every column has its value, some are more common to refer to. Here are a few suggestions that provide greater detail.

Policy ID The Policy Manager policy the session was sorted into.
Policy Rule ID The Policy Manager rule which placed the session into the policy.
From-Client Bytes Total data sent from the downstream client and received by the NGFW.
To-Server Bytes Total data sent from the NGFW to the remote server.
From-Server Bytes Total data returned from the remote server to the NGFW.
To-Client Bytes Total data returned from the NGFW to the client.



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