Understanding the Micro Edge Dashboard


The Dashboard provides an overview of the state of your Micro Edge and the traffic passing through it. It is useful for quickly viewing or monitoring what is happening on the network.



By default the dashboard will show several widgets with varying pieces of information. However, the dashboard is completely customizable. Widgets can be removed and added so the administrator sees exactly the information that is important to them on the dashboard.

The default selection of widgets is as follows:




Server Info Information about Micro Edge: name, model, software version, and so forth.
CPU Load A graph of recent CPU load.
Interface Usage Data in bytes per second traversing each interface. 
Network Layout An overview of the network layout based on the interface configuration.
Interface Average Latency Average latency of each interface.
Top Applications by Bandwidth Up to ten most-active applications, organized in a pie chart by bandwidth consumed.
Top Applications Bandwidth by Time Up to ten most-active applications, organized in a line graph by bandwidth consumed over time.
WAN Routing Details about each WAN-bound session, including the WAN used and which WAN Rule & WAN Policy informed that choice.
Map Distribution Current sessions' geolocation on a world map, colored by number of sessions.
Web Filter Blocked Each session blocked by Web Filter. If Web Filter is disabled or not licensed, this widget will be blank.
Interface Packet Loss Details about packet loss, measured per interface.
Sessions Current sessions traversing the Micro Edge. This is a limited version of the information contained in the Sessions viewer.


Customizing/filtering widget details

Many graph widgets will show several different factors: Interface widgets, for example, will display all interfaces, each in a different color. All factors will be displayed below the graph. Hovering over a specific factor will highlight that factor in the graph, making the remainder less visible. Clicking on a factor will remove it from the graph entirely; click it again to restore it.

Changing the widgets displayed

You can select which widgets will be visible on the dashboard or alter the order in which they are displayed in Settings > System > Preferences.

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