Accessing the command line in Micro Edge


This article provides instructions to access the Micro Edge's command-line interface.

In Micro Edge, the CLI can only be reached via SSH. SSH is enabled by default for internal interface(s) only, so no changes are necessary to access the CLI from inside the Micro Edge's own network.

Connecting to the command line via SSH

  1. On your management computer, open the built-in terminal app. For example, in Windows, open Command Prompt; on a macOS device, open Terminal.
  2. Enter the command ssh root@
    If the interface you’re connected to has a different IP address, use that address.
  3. Once the connection has been established, you will be prompted for the admin password.

Connecting to the command line via serial console

If you are unable to connect to the appliance via SSH, you have physical access to it, and you have the appropriate cable, you can also connect via serial console connection. Please refer to this article for more details: Managing wSeries and eSeries appliances via Serial Console


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