Completing the NG Firewall Setup Wizard without access to ETM Dashboard


You may need to complete the initial setup of NG Firewall in a situation when you don't have connectivity to ETM Dashboard. For example, you may have an upstream device that restricts outbound traffic or is failing the initial connectivity negotiation. 

The default Setup Wizard requires that the NG Firewall be able to reach ETM Dashboard, so you'll need to use the local wizard instead.

Accessing the Setup Wizard

Via console

If you are connected directly to the appliance via a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, the wizard will launch automatically when NG Firewall first boots.

Via another computer

If you are configuring this NG Firewall using another computer, ensure that the computer is set to receive DHCP and is connected to NG Firewall's internal interface. Point your computer's web browser to to reach the wizard.

Using the local Setup Wizard

In order to use the local wizard, disconnect your NG Firewall's WAN cable(s). When the NG Firewall cannot detect a functioning internet connection, it will fall back to a local wizard instead. For more details on completing the local Setup Wizard, please refer to this article: NG Firewall Documentation & FAQ - Offline Setup Wizard

Once you have completed the offline wizard, the NG Firewall will launch its admin GUI to continue configuration. (You may reconnect your WAN cable at this time.)


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